Get a Sweet Life

Meet Sweet Life by Sparkling Jewels... sensational, colorful and full of sweetness. This sub-collection of the renewing Dutch jewelry brand Sparkling Jewels is surprising and stimulates all your senses! An inspiring collection with interchangeable pendants in the forms of ice creams, lollipops and candies which can be mixed with a variation of natural gemstones and scented balls. The inspiration behind this collection comes from the sweet colors we see around the world. The collection consists of 3 different candies available in surgical steel, with gold and rose gold IP plating.


Natural gemstones and sweet flavours

Gemstones and minerals are mysterious treasures given to us by earth’s inner soul. Gemstones have played various roles in myths and legends of human cultures throughout history. Some tell a story or are believed to have special powers, but all of them share a common beauty. Each gem is unique with a special color, birthplace and story. For coming season, Sweet life offers a variation of five natural gemstones; Cherry Quartz, Amazonite, Yellow Calcite, Opalite and Rose Quartz. In addition to the colourful gemstones, Sweet life offers five unique sweet scents as a variation to the gemstones!

To most people, a smell isn’t just a fragrance — it’s a memory. The delicious everyday scents such as vanilla, mint, coffee, lavender and strawberry have the ability to make you intensely happy! Creating happiness has never been easier. The smell of vanilla let us feel cherished and positive. Lavender and mint, as a go-to scent for relaxation, can help calm the mind and body almost instantly. The smell of coffee to wake up in the morning or the sweet scent of strawberries. Mix your favourite sweet candy with your favourite gems or chose to wear a scent of vanilla and you are ready to go.

Doesn’t everyone love sweets? Stand out with this unique jewelry piece and be the first to wear this sweet scented eye catcher around your neck.


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