The story behind Hooked

The Front Page of a newspaper showcases the best news reports of the day. Invariably, these are reports that in newspaper parlance are called hard news reports. These reports describe terror attacks, political changes, natural calamities, accidents, etc. But when owner Ton traveled in India he saw one report on the Front Page that is not a hard news story. This report is called the anchor story. It is a soft story, a light story that is written with great love and passion. HOOKED symbolizes your real anchor stories. It's about the most beautiful, loved and passionate things the world offers us. Friends, family, health and happiness combined in fashionable jewelry pieces for man and woman. “Everybody is hooked on someone or something. You can be Hooked on your friends and family but it can also represent a special memory or a passion that you're hooked on”


Our design philosophy

As a tribute to those special anchor stories we designed our watches and bracelets to be better than anything. We wanted to create not only beautiful accessories but something that would remind you of those special memories. We developed something new, no minimalistic design but a beautiful elegant yet with a tough edge watch. Our watches provide versatility and flexibility which allows our wearers to confidently mix and match watches and straps to complement their outfits and personal style.

Our watches are made of stainless steel and have a special Sapphire coated mineral crystal glass. Hooked Concepts watches come in four distinctive collections that can be mixed and matched with our bracelets and interchangeable straps. These unisex watches are available with a 38MM and a 45MM Case in four different colors; Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Matt Black. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, innovation and uniqueness, Hooked Concepts has developed the Master Dial watches. These watches have a Japanese Quartz master date movement with a Day of the Week indicator, Date indicator and Seconds indicator. Like we said, it's all in the details! Besides the watch collection we offer a wide range of bracelets. Each bracelet contains a design element inspired by our beautiful story.


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