Essence Collections

Private Label

Essence offers custom Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) services for accessory and jewellery industry. Production service (design & production) under Dutch management.

With several production lines we can make your ideas three-dimensional.

Sparkling Jewels white.png

Sparkling Jewels is a Dutch-based contemporary jewelry brand. Our design philosophy focuses on creating personal and interchangeable jewelry for every woman, young or old. Mix and Match with semi-precious gemstones to create your own and unique sets of jewelry for each and every occasion. In a snap you are able to switch our wide range of colourful gems with the interchangeable Sparkling Jewels earrings, bracelets and pendants. So are you ready to sparkle?


Sweet Life by Sparkling Jewels is sensational, colourful and full of sweetness. The collection is surprising and stimulates all your senses with interchangeable pendants in the forms of ice creams, lollipops and candies. The pendants can be mixed with a variation of natural gemstones and scented balls. In addition to the colourful gemstones, Sweet Life offers 5 unique sweet scents as variation to the gemstones. The delicious everyday scents such as vanilla, mint, coffee, lavender and strawberry have the ability to make you intensely happy! Creating happiness has never been easier.

Hooked Concepts_white.png

Hooked Concepts delivers premium watches and accessories, designed at our headquarters in the Netherlands. For everyone who is Hooked on something or someone, who has a passion or shares a special memory, inspired by a beautiful story, we set out to create accessory and watches of refined texture and nuanced form. With this mindset we are committed to you, to create beautiful timepieces and accessories.